Oct 4, 2012

EasyDriver Part III Sleep and Enable

What is the diference between Enable and Sleep:
  - when you set Enable pin to LOW all the outputs of A397 chip are enabled.
    when set to HIGH all the outputs are disabled.

    Then for normal operation EasyDriver is set by default enabled. Even when stepper is stoped it recieves current and therefore is's position is locked.

    When disabled, the stepper do not recieve current and  therefore it is stopped and it's position is not locked (it can be manually spined).

- to put EasyDirve to Sleep, set  Sleep pin LOW
  for normal operation EasyDriver' Sleep pin is by default set to HIGH.

  When A397 is in Sleep mode, much of the internal circuitry including the outputs, are diabled. iI is used to minimize power consumtion of the chip. It takes about 1 ms to wake-up from Sleep mode .

Finally what is the diference:

  - When in Disabled mode, stepper is sleeping.
  - When in Sleep mode, steppe is sleeping and also A397 chip is sleeping. To Wake-up you have a delay of 1 ms.

Then for a radical power saving put it to Sleep otherwise use Disable.