Sep 30, 2012

My CNC 2.0 Part III

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Finally the first usable PCB milled with my CNC

I adjusted the table level, now i have an error of 0,2mm. It begins to work fine, but it have to be better.

And now using it (the machine begins to improve itself)

now is the time to structure the wiring

This PCB implements this protoboard (as seen here) and is a shield for Arduino.
 To design the PCB i used DipTrace freeWare.
Here you can find the DIP, PDF, SVG and GCode files i used to mill this PCB.
To create th GCode file, first i print from DipTrace's PCBLayout to a PDF file, then with Adobe Illustrator:
  - i selected all the paths
  - and then Object - Path - Outline Stroke
  - No Fill
  - Stroke - Weight 0.01 mm
  - Stroke - Caps - Projecting
  - Stroke - Corner - Miter Join
  - PathFinder - Unite
Then i take InkSkape's laserengraver addin to create the GCode.
Finally i manually modified the GCode to update it to my standard.
To drill the holes, i exported from DipTrace's PCBLayout to 'Mach 2/3 Drill' from where i get the GCode file that i modified to update it to my standard.