Sep 27, 2012

CNC 2.0 beta 2 with fixed Bugs

 Finally assembled!

by the moment electronics still in protoboard and because that, the cables are hanging.

CNC calibrating the tool length



Now CNC 2.0 beta 2 with fixed Bugs

changes i made in Beta 2:

- some design and software errors are corrected.
- forgotten parts, holes .. are now placed.
- in order to make Z-Axis stronger i changed it. Now Ikea's Kvartal single track rail is used.
- the tool suport now is detachable. So it can be changed easily .
- a new tool lenght calibration is added.

Download 3D Model of beta 2
Download Software Beta 0.1
First test with my CNC
It is drawing the Arduino shield that i designed to hold the stepper drivers and the conections to the limit switches.
To mill the PCB i used Proxxon 28321 milling bits.
But unfortunately the first attempt was not good enough. As you can see in the photo above, the pen version is almost perfect, but the milled version is not so good. Then:
  - The machine works
  - The software begins to work reasonably well with 2D.
  - The machine's precision is good.
  - Although I have improved Z-axis, it is not stroger enough.
  - I have to level the horizontality of the table, because i detected a diference of about 0.5 mm in diferent points of the table. It does'nt seems too much, but if you have to scratch 0.25mm, adding 0.5mm gives a total of 0.75mm to scratch that, given the result, is too much.