Jun 15, 2012


Here is my CNC 2.0 beta 1:

Go to Part II / CNC 2.0 beta 2 (with fixed bugs)
Go to Part III


3D Model

You can download 3D files from Here. There are 3 file formats:

.DWFX   i recomend to use 'Autodesk Design Review'.
.DWG     i recomend to use 'Autodesk 123D'.
.STL you can use '123D' or Blender or MeshLab or ...

Maybe you are also interested about free educational version of Autodesk Software specially 'Autodesk Inventor'

I also published the model for Android and iPhone. You can find the app Here and the model for mobile Here.

LaserCutted Parts

I plan to use methacrylate (PMMA) for laser cutted parts. I will use 3 withs 10 mm, 5mm and 2mm.
you can download the 'svg' files and use InkScape to see them.



I explain the 'Beta 1' Electronics for the CNC in this Post of my Blog.


You can also download 'Beta 0.0' Software:

       for Arduino (Write in Processing style) here.

          Simply load it to Arduino IDE and upload to the Arduino.

       and computer side in Processing here.

Actually i'm working with Eclipse IDE.
Then to use the application you have just to:

  1- copy the 'CNC' folder to 'eclipse/workspace' directory
  2- from Eclipse go to 'File-->Import'
        2.1- as import source select 'Existing Projects into Workspace' and press 'Next'
       2.2- click on 'Select root directory' and press 'Browse'
       2.3- Browse to the 'CNC' directory you have just added and press 'OK' and then press 'Finish'

  that's all.

for questions about using Eclipse with Processing go here and here.

Run 'Main.java' as 'Java application' and in the program's screen press on 'folder button' and select one of th GCode files you find there and then press 'Play button'.

to make the GCode files, i actually use 'Inkscape'  with a laser engraver addin see this post for more details.


I desing this CNC to be specially unexpensive:
        The Stepper Motors are NEMA 17 (3 neded). you can find them here or here for about 16 €

        The Stepper driver i used are Easy Driver it cost about 12€ each (3 neded). you can find them here or here.

       The Arduino Board is Arduino Uno. You can get one from here or here. It costs about 22€.

        The rods are taken from 'Ikea Grundtal towel rail' 400 mm long (15 3/4") 2 rods costs about 5 €

        The ball bearing are 608ZZ abec 3 that are used mainly in skating. You can get 8 units for about 5 €

        I used a Rotary Grinder Tool with Flexible Shaft. You can get one from about 40 €.

        The Z rods are precission round brass tubes. I used 2 pcs of  8 x 0.45 x 305 mm (3 pcs costs about 7 €) and 2 pcs of 7 x 0.45 x 305 mm (3 pcs costs also about 7 €).

       The X Y Z treads are M5 (they cost about 3€ 1 m long), but with the same design it is posible to use M8 without modifications. Using M8 increases the speed of the machine by about 30%, and drecreases the machine precission (but it's not really important with M5 for each Step the machine moves 0.004 mm and 0.00625 with M8).

       You have to add the cost of nuts and bolts.  And finally the cost of laser cutted parts. By the moment i've no idea about its cost very expensive (200€), because at this moment the machine is not yet assembled.

Bill of Materials